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Beth Bender Beauty - Pro GO Eyeliner Stencil Pack

Beth Bender Beauty - Pro GO Eyeliner Stencil Pack

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3 easy steps to your perfect, precise winged eyeliner. Just place, fill and peel. Its that simple!

PRO GO Eyeliner Stencils create flawless winged eyeliner, anywhere, anytime. They are makeup artist approved and designed to fit any eye shape and eye size. They’re easy to apply and remove, and they work with all eyeliner and eyeshadow formulas.

Creating Winged Eyeliner, Cat Eyeliner, and Puppy Eyeliner has never been easier to achieve with Professional results. You can use your PRO GO Eyeliner Stencils for up to 3 times by placing them back on their original stencil sheet.

PRO GO Eyeliner Stencils are latex free, medical grade, gentle adhesives. They are hypoallergenic, and are easy to apply and remove.

PRO GO Eyeliner Stencils should only be used on dry skin. Any creams or oils near the eye area may affect the final results. To maintain a clean and hygienic makeup routine, we do not recommend sharing your used stencils. Protect your stencils by storing them in their original packaging.

Each PRO GO Eyeliner Stencil Pack Includes:

  • 10 Sheets (30 Individual Eyeliner Stencil Sets)
  • Step by Step Instructions with QR Code for Tutorials

PRO GO Eyeliner Stencil Benefits:

  • Hypoallergenic
    • PRO GO Eyeliner Stencils can be used up to three times
    • Perfect for hooded lids
    • Create precise eyeliner in minutes.
    • On point winged liner looks with pro results

HOW TO USE: For the best results apply both of your PRO GO Eyeliner Stencils to each eye before filling them in with eye makeup. To remove, start at the outer round edge of your stencils and peel away until both are removed.

STEP 1: Peel away your first PRO GO Stencil Starting from the outer round edge.

STEP 2: Place your PRO GO Stencils using the bottom arm as a guide to line up your stencils with the corner of your outer eye.

For the best results apply both PRO GO Stencils on each eye to assure they are even. Make sure your stencils are completely flat on both eyes. 

STEP 3: Begin applying your eye makeup starting at the tip of your stencils and using downward strokes.  

Fill in your stencils completely. Any areas that are not filled in with color will affect your winged eyeliner. Continue along the lash line until your desired length is achieved. Make sure your eyeliner is even with the rest of your winged tip. 

STEP 4: Starting at the outer edge, begin peeling away your PRO GO Stencils until they are both removed.

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